Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Soapy Solution

Holy Molies. Has it really been OVER a year since I last posted?!?

Never again.

In fact, I have a goal to post something a couple times a week.
Sometimes it will just be an idea... like today.

When I heard this idea I thought "why didn't I think of that... 6 years ago?!"

Such a simple idea, but in my opinion a GENIUS idea.

I am a fan of having a small bottle of dish soap in each kitchen. Small being the key word as I find students use more when they see more.

Instead of scouring the stores for those small dish soap bottles that are never in stock when you need them but everywhere you look when you don't and get all gunky, and the lids break off, and the paper labels get soggy/saggy/sticky... use these: Squeeze Bottles.

Easy to clean. Easy to refill. Easy to spot when they are in need of a refill. And easy to find at craft or restaurant supply stores.

I'll take 8 please.