Sunday, March 18, 2012

more bulletin board ideas

Some of the bulletin boards you see on this blog are now available for purchase from my etsy shop or Teachers Pay Teachers.  Just purchase the desired bulletin board and instantly download a PDF file.  You just need to print, trim and paste a few parts before hanging up in your classroom or hallway!  If you would like the printing, trimming and pasting done for you, let me know.  The final cost will be higher and shipping will be charged!

If there is a bulletin board you see on here and would like to purchase, please contact me by leaving a comment, contacting me through one of my shops or emailing me at apples2zippers(at)gmail(dot)com.  If I made it, I would love to share it.

Now to the bulletin boards...

I recently (1.5 years ago) finished my Masters in Family & Consumer Sciences. One of my projects was all about bulletin boards. I LOVE creating bulletin boards. I had FACS teachers from all over contact me with topics they wanted turned into a bulletin board. Here are some of those creations. Please forgive some of the photos. I took a picture of each one before I sent it off to the teacher- and I actually assembled the boards on my dining room wall, which doesn't have the greatest light.

Please contact me with any questions about any of the boards.

Measuring Equipment:
Divided them into 3 categories: measuring spoons, dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cups. Shares the sizes they come in, what ingredients are measured and how to use them.
NOTE: This bulletin board is available for purchase at Teachers Pay Teachers!

Wash Your Hands:
2005: This was one of my first bulletin boards I made when I started teaching! See below for my updated version! 
2015: Updated but still full of interesting (and disgusting) facts!

Hand Washing. This is always an important lesson to teach. I had students trace their hands on different colored construction paper to create a border. Then found some interesting (and kind of disgusting) facts to display!

Family Types:

This board was inspired by the stickers people have on their cars to show the members of their family. I created a ton of combinations- represented each family with people, the type and a definition. To finish it off, I included a quote about families from Barbara Bush- "Family means putting your arms around each other and being there." What a lovely quote!

International Foods:

The countries featured in the class are displayed on methods of travel. The things learned (what you will take with you) is displayed on luggage. Pretty sure I found all of the pictures from clipart or google images.

Stay tuned. More to come. I promise.