Thursday, July 12, 2012

even more bulletin board ideas...

 I promised more bulletin board ideas and here they are.  They are not perfect in any way but hopefully they will provide inspiration for an idea that will work for your classroom/school.

Learn to Speak "Patternese".  This was one of my first bulletin boards.  I wanted something that would help teach my students the language of patterns- a.k.a. patternese.  Lame.  I know.  I found an old pattern piece and then labeled each part.  I also included a scrap of fabric for the selvage, a blurb about the grain as well as a mini piece explaining a fold line.  For the border I used measuring tapes as we had a gazillion laying around.

This is one of the bulletin boards I created for one of my masters projects.  A FFA (Future Farmers of America) adviser asked me to create something inspired by the Snapple commercials to display the many photos he had from a variety of events.  The idea is all his and his assistant.  I just executed it.  I think it's fun.  I put 2 FFA symbols over pictures of Snapple bottles.  Not sure if that is wrong or not... but I think it added to the whole theme. 

Another Masters project made for someone else advertising FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America).  I found all of the information on their website and just typed it all up in an organized way- Mission Statement, Purpose, Creed, Fun Facts, Programs and what it is!  I included blank pages for her to include the names of her advisers, student leaders and happenings in their chapter!  I connected everything with red and white ribbon- the official FCCLA colors!

The finished product from her classroom- including bags of sugar to represent how much is in different foods.

Yet another board for someone else.  She requested a board explaining calories in vs. calories out.  I explained that 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories.  In order to lose a pound, you need to create a deficit of 3500 calories.  This can be done by eating fewer calories and burning extra calories through physical activity.  I also included a list of activities to explain how many calories they burn (such as shoveling snow for an hour will burn 360 calories).  To help encourage students (and teachers) to make wiser choices at their favorite restaurants, I presented a high calorie food vs. a lower calorie food.  On some I included a speech bubble explaining how many hours of a certain activity they would have to do to burn it off.

The above photo is what the final bulletin board looked like in the classroom of the teacher I made it for.  It's a little blurry but you get the idea.  She had her students research sugar amounts in different foods and represent the amounts with bags of sugar.
The below photos are what I took of the information before I mailed it out.  I didn't have a classroom to use so I hung everything up on my kitchen wall- thus the drab background and horrible everything.  :)  

What it looked like on my kitchen wall.  Not perfect but a little easier to see the big picture.

Sew... This is a simple yet informative bulletin board teaching the different equipment used in sewing.  Underneath each picture is the name of the item and a brief description of what it is used for.

Another bulletin board made for another teacher.  The topic she requested was Body Mass Index. Each box explains something different about BMI answering the questions: What is BMI?  Is it 100% accurate?  How is it calculated?  What do the numbers mean?  Is BMI the same for everyone? 
Then included lists of possible effects of a high and low BMI, as well as the charts to see it visually.

This Who are You?  bulletin board alternated with my Patternese board.  This board started the semester as the first unit was Personal Development.  This is such a simple (almost boring) bulletin board but it filled the space and hopefully made them think about the different roles they play.  I did find a piece of mirror-like scrapbook paper that I put in the middle of it the last few times I put it up- but a real mirror would work better although would likely become the place for makeup and hair checking rather than pondering who they are.  ha.

Some of the Bulletin Boards you see on this blog are now available for purchase from my etsy shop  or Teachers Pay Teachers!  Just purchase the desired bulletin board and instantly download a PDF file.  You just need to print, trim and paste a few parts before hanging up in your classroom or hallway!  If you would like the printing, trimming and pasting done for you, let me know.  The final cost will be higher and shipping will be charged!

If there is a bulletin board you see on here and would like to purchase, please contact me by leaving a comment, convo-ing me through etsy or emailing me at imasewingmachine at gmail dot com.  If I made it, I would love to share it.