Saturday, August 24, 2019

Would You Rather?

I am sure you have played this game before...
       Would you rather eat a cup of sawdust or drink a cup of puddle water? 

Usually it is 2 gross or ridiculous things you have to choose between.

I created a MILD version of Would You Rather? and they are all food (or food related) questions.  They are gross but are more of a get-to-know-you or conversation starter.  It includes hard-hitting questions like would you rather eat peach cobbler or apple crisp?
                     Or would you rather eat gummy bears or gummy worms? 

There are a few controversial ones like would you rather eat red or black licorice?   ha ha!  I'm team red.  Which do you prefer?

There are a 100 different questions.  You can use them as a time filler- for when your well planned activity ends 10 minutes before the bell.  Use them as a bell ringer- asking one a day to get the class started.  Or do as many as you can at once.

You can have students show their choice by raising their hand. 
                  Or have everyone stand on a line- and step forward if you would rather eat black licorice.
  Have everyone that would choose the first item, go to one side of the classroom.  Those that choose the second item go to the other side. 

These are great ways to start a class discussion- why is one more popular than the other?  Is it difficult to choose one over another?  Have they tried both and truly prefer one over the other? 

The only rule is: they MUST choose just one.  Sometimes it is hard.  Other times it's easy (did I mention I don't like black licorice? Ha!)

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Cross Curricular Challenge

Several years ago the middle school I was teaching at encouraged every class to create an assignment that involved Language Arts/English.  I couldn't think of anything other than writing a paper.  I can't even remember what it was about.  I am sure it didn't make much of an impact on the students either.  But it checked the box of what my admin was wanting me to do.

Just last year I finally came up with a great idea that would have been SOOO much better.  A little too late for me but maybe it will help you.  FACS really is everywhere- even in Language Arts.  Here are 2 bulletin boards you can display in your classroom to prove it.  You can also print them smaller to use as task cards.  Display one each day to use as a bell ringer or warm up.

Who doesn't love a good idiom?  Like "You're a peach!" or "in a pickle".

 Food Idiom Bulleton Board

Who knew there were sooo many idioms about fashion?  I sure didn't until I started researching.  My favorites are "smarty pants" and "like it's going out of fashion".

 Fashion Idioms

And you can save 25% if you buy them both in the Idioms Bulletin Board Bundle.   

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Are We Cooking Today?

Are we cooking today?
                                                Are we cooking today?
          Are we cooking today?

How many times a day are you asked that question?? Does it drive you crazy? 
It drive me crazy.  ha ha! 
So I made these signs. 
Hang them up in the hall, on the door or some other obvious place in the classroom.  Hopefully they will read it before they even get a chance to ask.  But if they do, just point.  Keep your sanity.  

Did I mention they are free?  Get them here!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cheeseball Challenge

As I was scrolling through Pinterest one day (I'm still totally addicted... how about you?), I saw these great turkey cheeseballs:



How cute are they??
And this darling snowman cheeseball:

How can something be so cute AND delicious looking?

I was trying to think of any occasion I could make them for when I had (what I think is) a genius idea!  
The Great FACS Food Studies Cheeseball Challenge!  
Each cooking group makes a sweet or savory cheeseball and then makes it into some fantastic shape.  The ones above are just the beginning.  Check out my Pinterest board for even more great ideas:

And many more!  

Bring in your administration, teachers or other students to judge and then dig in.

I wish I had my own classroom to try this, but sadly I am still a substitute teacher... So please, let me live vicariously through you and your classroom!

Have you ever had a cheeseball challenge?  Or another cooking challenge?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

You Gotta Spend Money to Save Money... right?!?

I am new-ish to Ebates and love it! I'm constantly learning about more stores and companies that offer deals with Ebates!
Today I learned you can save 3% at Etsy! Hello!  Some of you might be thinking "3% is chump change!"  But I say "Let's go shopping!" Apparently the 3% is for Canadians only and for a limited time. Americans can save 1% which is better than a kick in the pants!! 
If you're thinking of buying something anyways, you might as well get a little money back!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Camp Create

One very big perk of being a teacher is having all summer long to do whatever! For the last 4 summers I have chosen to teach young girls how to cook, sew and craft! It is so much fun, yet so exhausting! This year we made zipper bags and string art amongst many other things!  

Good times have been had! 

What good times have you had this summer?

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

My deepest apologies for being lame! I haven't posted forever... my last post is about a sale and this post is about a sale! Check out Teachers Pay Teachers for the Back to School sale! Yup... back to school. Yikes. We still have 36 days until school starts! But we've only been out for 37 days! That means summer is half over! When does school start for you? OR are you one of the lucky few that are already in the swing of things? Check out the Back to School sale and make this the most wonderful time of the year- no matter when your school year begins!