Thursday, May 02, 2013

Organizing Class and Assignment Information

This is another idea I can't take credit for as I spotted it in a classroom I was subbing in, but I loved it.  It is a great way to organize information for each of your classes.  The box on the top right lists the class and all of the dates they have class- crossing off each one as it passes.  This provides a very visual way for them to see how much or how little time they have left to work on their projects.

The box below it is chart containing each students name going vertically and each aspect of the project going horizontally.  You can check each student (or have them check it) once it is accomplished.  The red arrow is moved to show them where they should be.  I love this for the sanity of the teacher- knowing who is on what step and showing the students what step is next.  It also provides a kick in the rear to those slow-pokes who would rather socialize or stare at the wall than get it done.

I assume the folder on the left is where the teacher puts instruction sheets.  Love this.  I was recently in a classroom where the teacher had all of the instruction sheets for every single project in an accordion style file folder.  While helpful to have them all in in one spot- the students lacked the ability to look through it and find what they needed.  Providing them with just what they need in a place where they can see it and you can easily point to, is genius.

I appreciate smart and organized teachers.  I also appreciate cell phone cameras allowing me to capture teachers genius ideas and share them with you.