Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cheeseball Challenge

As I was scrolling through Pinterest one day (I'm still totally addicted... how about you?), I saw these great turkey cheeseballs:



How cute are they??
And this darling snowman cheeseball:

How can something be so cute AND delicious looking?

I was trying to think of any occasion I could make them for when I had (what I think is) a genius idea!  
The Great FACS Food Studies Cheeseball Challenge!  
Each cooking group makes a sweet or savory cheeseball and then makes it into some fantastic shape.  The ones above are just the beginning.  Check out my Pinterest board for even more great ideas:

And many more!  

Bring in your administration, teachers or other students to judge and then dig in.

I wish I had my own classroom to try this, but sadly I am still a substitute teacher... So please, let me live vicariously through you and your classroom!

Have you ever had a cheeseball challenge?  Or another cooking challenge?

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